Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Landscaping of common areas and personal lots
  2. Fire safety
  3. Lot size
  4. Septic systems and wells
  5. Covenants & Building Guidelines (HOA & ACC)
  6. Disclosure documents
01. Landscaping

Majestic Pines entrance — click on below images for large view.

All homes will have landscape requirements. Each lot will allow for irrigated grass.
02. Fire Safety

Majestic Pines has adopted the Fire Wise Program to help protect our community.

03. Lot size

Majestic Pines offers 21 prestigious 2.5 acre lots. See area map and lots details on our Homes & Lots page.

04. Septic system and wells

All 21 lots will have individual wells and septic systems.

05. Covenants & Building Guidelines (HOA & ACC)
06. Disclosure documents