Homes and Lots

01. Area Maps
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Lots Availability
and Rates
Filing 1
Lot #Availability & Rate
Lots 3 and 9$210,000.00
Lots 13$195,000.00
Lot 1Sold
Lot 2Sold
Lot 4Sold
Lot 5Sold

Lots 6

Under contract
Lot 7Sold
Lot 8Sold
Lot 10Sold
Lot 11Sold
Lot 12Sold
Filing 2 – coming July 2017
Lot #Availability & Rate
Lots 1-8 Not available at this time
*The following is a price list as of 12/11/14.
*Prices are subject to change without notice.
  • Mountain View Electric – done
  • Black Hills Energy – done
  • Century Link provides fiber products which offers up to 1 G service, prism TV and voice.
  • Comcast offers cable TV, high speed internet and triple play (bundle package)